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Opening Ceremony

The Cathedral International Model United Nations is officially underway. Friday's opening ceremony formalized what has been a craze in the Cathedral Vidya school for the past month. It is now time to see all the hard work of the Secretariat pay off—one way or another.

The opening ceremony started with two videos—one introducing the Executive Board in an informal light, and the other showing the delegates a comprehensive view of all the mock sessions that were held in the week following Friday.


Conference : Day 1


Conference : Day 2


Celebración de Culturas


Formal Socials


The International Press Conference

For the first time ever, the Cathedral International Model United Nations held a Press Conference on the evening of the second day. The Executive Board was put directly under the crosshairs of the International Press Corps. Finally, they would be held answerable for their committees' failures, and given commendations for their committees' successes. The Executive Board handled the questions well, for the most part, but there were some who thought it valid to undermine the power of the International Press Corps.

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