The socials play a subsidiary role in CIMUN and aim to enrich the relationships between all participants of the CIMUN 2019 conference. We have organized two distinct events for the fulfillment of this aim.

Day 1: Celebracion de Culturas

We believe that the walls of culture, cast and race should not prevent the flow of knowledge and information between people. Celebracion de Culturas is an event which is going to break these walls. A night worth waiting for, this hip-hop cultural party is going to have you on your toes at all times! We look forward to seeing your moves at our socials!
The delegates are requested to wear at least one garment/accessory which is of cultural importance to them.


Day 2: Formal Socials

This night will be a mix of elegance and enjoyment both. The black and the gold themed party will celebrate the enthusiasm of the delegates and is the perfect way to enhance this three-day journey of learning and evolving. It will be a breath of fresh air with foot tapping music and amazing food and is exactly what the delegates need for relaxation as well as for forming new relations. The highlight of the evening would be the International Press Conference, right before the socials, which would provide the delegates with the insights of the exciting events taking place in various sectors of CIMUN 2019.
The dress code for the party is formal wear and one must follow the CIMUN code of conduct.