The Cathedral International Model United Nations 2019 Secretariat aims to create an environment that incorporates the elements of the actual United Nations and thus, establishes a forum for important discussions on world affairs and international relations. Our main focus this time is ensuring that delegates, as well as press members, are aware of the occurrences in every committee of the conference to guarantee that CIMUN attendees’ experience is not restricted to only one committee. We would also want to enhance the interactions between members of the conference to make this event a memorable one with a long-lasting impact on its participants.

The Secretariat of CIMUN 2019

Meet the secretariat


Ananya Agrawal is a dynamic and jovial personality, which is often high on and driven by its love for cold coffee. Ananya is known for her articulate demeanour with a strong work ethic and an ardent proclivity towards history, the seriousness of which is tempered by re-watching episodes of Friends and stand-up comedians. Presenting our Secretary-General, indeed a complete package.

Ananya Agrawal



Arushi Dahiya is a hardworking, ambitious and benevolent personality. Her inquisitive nature helps her to accomplish every task put forth. Her creative mind adds to her intellect and enhances her persona. She has idealistic, realistic and individualistic beliefs.

Arushi Dahiya



Possessing a strong passion for basketball, Marvel and Brooklyn Nine- Nine, Adwaiy Tholia is known for his extremely good-natured personality that makes him one of the most helpful people in his grade. The only thing that could possibly tick him off, is missing sports or being denied to play his favourite vintage songs out-loud via speakers. Also, he encompasses extensive knowledge about world affairs, making him the perfect person for this position.

Adwaiy Tholia

Under-Secretary-General of Conference Management


Rehaan Goregaoker is a skillful photographer and a dexterous artist. His attention to detail and creativity are noticeable in any given situation. Rehaan has been a part of Press Teams in other MUN's as well. Being a huge enthusiast of social media, he aims to make CIMUN 2019 as extensive and riveting as possible!

Rehaan Goregaoker

Under-Secretary-General of



Shweta Adsul is an avid learner and extrovert who leaves no stone unturned to chase her dreams with a resolute and focused mind. She is committed towards her work and has the capability to rise to the call of duty and work with admirable enthusiasm. Besides excelling academically, she is a graceful classical dancer. 

Shweta Adsul

Director of Media


Shruti Bansode is a diligent, persistent, and hard-working person. She is very opinionated and vocal in all that she does, which makes all the work she does incredibly unique and possessing high standards. Her amiable personality along with her qualities only make her more apt for the position she has acquired.  

Shruti Bansode

Under-Secretary-General of



Shlok Das, popularly known as "Das", is a keen musician and loves to write songs, sing and play the guitar. Being a photographer and videographer, Das has taken part is numerous MUNs  in the past years. With his vast knowledge, he aims to revolutionize this year's CIMUN Press Team with inspiring concepts and thought provoking ideas.

Shlok Das

Director of Media

Moksha Mehta, an enthusiastic learner, takes part in several inter-house events in school and has a soft corner for her house. With her curious attitude she always looks forward to learn something new. Her mind is filled with ideas because of her participation in various events, which is required for this post. She believes that teamwork is the root of success and is also determined to make this event unforgettable with the help of her team.


Moksha Mehta

Under-Secretary-General of



Being a prolific writer and an avid follower of technology, Ansh Masand is perfect for his post. He is known for his tranquil temperament and extremely friendly and approachable aura. With his mastery over computer software, he aims to modernize and re-define IT in
CIMUN 2019. 

Ansh Masand 

Under-Secretary-General of

Information Technology