united nations climate action summit

United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 (Beginner Level)


Climate change threatens to transform the world, leaving us with an uncertain future.

It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, impacting people and communities with increased severity from year to year.

The UNCAS aims to encourage fervent debate to save our world by discussing the enhancement of mitigation commitments. Solutions lie in our ability to discuss these topics through the framework of tensions between developed and developing nations, regional interests, and domestic politics that influence the course of these effects.



A. Enhancing Mitigation Commitments

B. Discussing Transition to Renewable Energy Sources

NOTE: There are no set matrices for the United Nations Climate Action Committee.

Since it is a summit, which refers to the meeting of leaders of various countries to discuss certain agendas, we are giving you the freedom to select a country and leader of your choice who will be attending this summit, represented by you.

We recommend that you choose leaders of countries that do have a major role in the summit and even need to take part and discuss global issues mentioned under the established agendas of CIMUN 2019.

The country and leader will be allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis.