world intellectual property organization


World Intellectual Property Organization (Intermediate Level)


Being one of the 15 specialized agencies of the UN, The WIPO strives and focuses its efforts and resources on achieving its primary aims, “to encourage creative activity, to promote the protection of intellectual property
throughout the world".

The formation of international intellectual property regimes and discussing the effectiveness of content strikes. These topics carry paramount importance in today's world, and it is the job of the delegates to make sure that each and every one of their points is heard out and that no stone is left unturned. If anything, the most important trait that any delegate needs for this committee is to have the capacity to continuously think outside the box and always have
an alternate idea in mind.



A.International Intellectual Property Regimes as a Way to Protect and   

Promote the Correct Usage of Intellectual Work

B. Effectiveness of Content Claims and Strikes on Social Media Platforms